ADIDAS Vietnam tuyển dụng nhiều vị trí tháng 11.2016

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Để thực hiện nhiệm vụ được giao và đáp ứng yêu cầu nâng cao chất lượng đào tạo, số lượng nhân sự việc làm, ADIDAS Vietnam tuyển dụng nhiều vị trí tháng 11.2016

1. Costing Specialist (8 Months Temp)


Support the Head of Costing by building a transparent, fact-based and consistent costing platform for the responsible brands or divisions. Focus on products and customers to drive optimization of price/value ratio

Key Responsibilities:
• Collaborate closely with Development, Materials and other key functions within the LO and respective factories to ensure that products are developed to cost targets
• Proactively identity and capitalize on cost savings opportunities, and ensure price/value optimization
• Handles the entire costing operations of defined product ranges or brands

Essential Duties & Responsibilities: 

• Provide timely, fact-based, quality cost information to headquarters, factories and other liaison offices
• With Development, ensure seasonal product lines are confirmed within acceptable cost target parameters, on a timely basis. Meet activation/buy ready deadlines.
• Continually drive costing process improvement. Challenge existing standards and procedures (if necessary) to achieve cost and process synergies across factories
• Build loyal, mutually beneficial business models with factories through collaboration and teamwork based on confirmed standards and an understanding of the cost drivers within each factory and the adidas product
• Collaborate closely with all departments to ensure all adidas products and processes are developed to meet ad exceed customer targets, while balancing customer expectation in regards to quality, delivery and cost


2. Technical Field Support, Material

What You Will Do

•Provide technical knowledge and solutions on color, trim and material quality to suppliers in accordance with adidas Group specifications, material testing standards and requirements in order to achieve high quality and delivery performance for sample
and bulk production.

•Support Liaison Office by providing technical expertise on materials and trims, applying best practices and the use of new technologies to support continuous improvement in material quality.

Key Responsibilities: 
•Participate in product walk-throughs and pre-production meetings to provide direction on any issues that may arise in production and suggest preventive actions.

•Maintain on-going knowledge of information contained in Apparel Materials Test Procedures, SOPs and Requirements Manual. Responsible for keeping suppliers updated/trained.

•Audit material and trim suppliers in terms of Quality Control to align with adidas Group standards and requirements.

•Supervise the execution of Laboratory Accreditation Programs between official accreditor/3rrd party and suppliers. 

•Comment accurately on color fastness for materials and trim lap dips, printing, as well as, bulk production in a timely manner to meet buy ready deadlines.

•Approve color on site at dye houses and work with dyestuff suppliers to achieve quality improvements when needed.

•Maintain and update A-01 policy including collecting signed documents and testing reports, as well as, train suppliers to ensure compliance.

•Conduct orientation for new material and trim suppliers and train them on quality and color to ensure adidas standards and requirements are met.

•Coordinate Color Standard books orders with LO materials teams and suppliers in the region and follow up with payments.

•Generate and release color download and reports, provide color comments and findings to suppliers and regional material teams.

Key Relationships: 
•LO Materials team
•LO Apparel teams
•LO Planning, Manufacturing Excellence and Costing teams.
•Internal business partners within adidas group, including DA, MDI and Creation Centers.
•T1 and T2 Suppliers.
•Third Party Labs.
•Chemical suppliers.
•Data Color (Color accreditations done by Natific Company)

What You Are Good At

Knowledge Skills and Abilities: 
•Strong technical knowledge in areas of materials and garment, including raw material, printing, dying and fishing.
•Ability to make good visual judgment and identification of color.
•Good communication, presentation and problem solving skills.
•Fluent in English both written and spoken.
•Good IT skills (Excel, Access and Power Point)

Requisite Education and Experience / Minimum Qualifications: 
• Degree or certificate in Textile and Garment Studies or Textile Engineering, or equivalent related technical experience.
• Minimum 3-5 year experience in textile or garment manufacturing sector.


3. Senior Manager Technology Operations - (2 Positions for Kint & Boost)

What You Will Do

•Provide technical expertise to drive the development, commercialization, process optimization, and infrastructure for sourcing defined technology footwear. 

Key Responsibilities: 
1.Manage effective upstream relationships with Futures team and Brand Operations to identify new development requirements and define handover timelines and clear roles and responsibilities. 
2.Manage project plans to outline the required defined technology infrastructure and capabilities to be developed and timelines. Capabilities may include, but are not limited to: facilities, machinery, software, and human resources. 
3.Provide project tracking and regular reporting on the status to internal stakeholders. 
4.Work with Brand Operations to manage development allocation and ensure that workload is aligned with the capabilities of the suppliers for defined technology. 
5.Provide technical support to Development teams on the defined technology projects related to pattern engineering and yarns applications. 
6.Identify constraints to raw material supply and production capacity. Support Material Planning team to align material and component supply with demand.
7.Where new machinery is required, monitor the machinery suppliers’ capacity and machine lead times to ensure that machinery purchases are aligned to the production requirement. 
8.Develop communication paths and contacts between T1 and T2 as new factories adopt defined technology. Ensure alignment of lead times, ordering process and quality requirements between T1 & T2. 
9.Work with Continuous Improvement and Manufacturing Excellence teams to optimize the manufacturing process for the defined technology.
10.Document best practices for the defined technology and manage the proliferation of the process documentation with all affected locations. 
11.Work with Costing to develop and/or optimize methods of costing the defined technology. 

Key Relationships: 
•Futures team
•T1 Factories
•T2 Suppliers
•T3 Suppliers
•LO Operations
•Global Supply Planning
•Brand Operations
•Material Sourcing

What You Are Good At

Requisite Education and Experience / Minimum Qualifications: 

•University Degree, preferably textile engineering, industrial or chemical engineering.
•7 years’ experience in textile industry or footwear. 
•Additional experience and knowledge working with molding processes for thermoplastics or 
flat knitting, steam molding process is preferred.

•Good project management and organizational skills. 
•Lean/6 sigma training and experience.


4. Manager Production Footwear

What You Will Do

Purpose & Overall Relevance for the Organization:
•Fully accountable for quality, production, manufacturing efficiency targets and Social & Environmental Affairs (SEA) in one factory of at least 500K monthly capacity. 

Key Responsibilities: 
•Independently manage all production, quality, production planning and SEA aspects of 1 factory (of at least 500K pairs monthly capacity.)
•Manage relationship with factory top management (Head of Production & Head of QIP) but with support from Production Team Leader or Senior Production Manager in implementing CI techniques and quality tools in daily production operations.
•Manage junior team members and contribute considerably to the achievement of team objectives.
•Supervise junior production staffs ensuring that quality is the paramount priority and focus.
•Explain practices and directives to factory QIP/ Production Heads and/or LO teams to achieve shared goals.
•Influence factory production/ quality middle management and drive change to achieve production objectives.
•Make day to day decisions within defined scope (with support on complex issues) 
•Account for production area with predefined scope of responsibilities.
•Execute defined directives. 

Key Relationships: 
•Factory Production & QIP Floor Manager, Supervisor
•Development Managers
•Quality Department
•ME Department
•Senior Operations Manager

What You Are Good At

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
•Have production knowledge and expertise and can provide input into projects.
•Have a strong Continuous Improvement (CI) and quality mindset.
•With minimal input and feedback, can identify problems and provide solutions to complex production issues.
•Can manage direct reports with support from line manager.
•Good written and verbal English communication.
•Chinese or Korean (for communication with Factory Production/ QIP heads) is a clear advantage

Requisite Education and Qualifications:
•University degree preferably on shoe making or engineering
•3-5 years shoes making or quality experience in Footwear industry.
•Prod or dev/comm background
•Shoes making / quality experience
•Good knowledge of shoes manufacturing process
•Practice exposure and min 6-12 months rotation in another function outside Production i.e.Quality, Commercialization, Planning or Development


5. Senior Manager Technical Apparel

What You Will Do

Provide technical leadership and direction to the LO and suppliers to deliver world class products that meet customer specifications/requirements.

Key Responsibilities: 
•Lead and provide technical and quality direction within the liaison office to ensure that products meet the defined adidas Group standards.
•Support the timely resolution of technical and quality issues to achieve quality and delivery objectives.
•Drive effective communication with Creation Centers, Development, Material and Production, external suppliers and internal business partners in collaboration with Head of Technical Services to resolve quality problems, including timely communication of delivery risks.
•Implements best practices, programs and tools for supplier development according to GASA milestones and overall sourcing and business strategy to achieve continuous improvement of product quality and production performance.
•Direct technical testing support for Production department within Liaison Office including wash, print and color testing as well as reporting and coordinating timely testing scheduling in conjunction with the LO material teams.
•Support sampling process for product development as proscribed by current process (i.e., Proto Sample to Size Set Sample).
•Drive the continuous assessment and upgrade of technicians’ competencies through the implementation of global training programs to ensure a high level of technical capabilities within the LO.
•Organize and supervise random audits of T1s within the supply base on performance of accredited technicians and QCs.
•Provide technical support for the on-boarding of new suppliers to ensure adherence to adidas Group standards and policies.
•Monitor the quality performance of all suppliers, and follow-up on action plans as and when required.
•Ensure accurate and timely compilation of all quality reports.
•Drive effective teamwork by actively coaching and supporting internal and supplier team members to develop their skills and capabilities.

Key Relationships: 
•Head of Technical Services
•Head of Global Quality
•Creation Centre
•Internal and Supplier Technical Services

What You Are Good At

Knowledge Skills and Abilities:
•Ability to identify issues, analyze facts and make technical / quality decisions.
•Strong management and leadership skills
•Fluent in English (written and spoken).
•Good IT/EDP skills

Requisite Education and Experience / Minimum Qualifications: 
•Four-year college or university degree with focus on Textile Technology or Textile Engineering, or equivalent related technical experience in the areas of color, printing and washing
•Minimum of 10 years experience working in a clothing factory, preferably in the production floor

6. Senior Manager Material Quality - Apparel Sourcing

What You Will Do

Lead Apparel material quality team and execute processes in Asia to ensure the development and implementation of material technical quality and color procedures. Drive supplier development to achieve better material quality and color performance for raw materials to meet adidas Group quality standards.

Key Responsibilities: 
•Lead the apparel material technical and color quality operation regionally to ensure T2s (Tier 2) operate efficiently and effectively to produce accurate test reports, color confirmation/evaluation and analysis to agreed upon timelines.
•Establish effective communication links with internal customers/business partners and external supplier to allow timely feedback and resolution of technical and quality issues and improvements.
•Align local T2 supply base to focus on continuous improvements and proactive measures to ensure top quality in development and bulk production. Ensure continuous improvements are rolled out and measured consistently in the region.
•Drive and develop recommendations and action plans to raise performance and industry practice relating to material quality application or innovation and process.
•Ensure agreement and consistency of execution of new projects and/or policies in material color and quality management across the supply chain and region.
•Oversee overall material test report and lab accreditation program for the region.
•Perform audits of T2 factory in the region for existing and new adidas Group suppliers in order to validate the manufacturing performances and capabilities required to meet adidas Group quality standards.
•Manage A-01 policy compliance from regional material suppliers to ensure alignment.
•Oversee implementation of quality management and certification programs to ensure compliance by supply base by reviewing LO (Liaise Office) proposed exceptions and resolving conflicts to ensure region alignment.
•Support Claims Desk to ensure timely and accurate information is provided to Technical Services.
•Keep up to date on new technologies and business practices so that plans can be developed and implemented to improve supplier performance. 

Key Relationships: 
•LO Heads of Technical Services
•Material T2 suppliers
•Third party labs
•Creation Centers
•Apparel and material teams at LOs

What You Are Good At

Knowledge Skills and Abilities:

•Ability to coach, guide, manage and develop a team
•Ability to see color and score a 24 or better on the Munsell Color Test.
•Ability to problem solve with supply base to improve material and garment quality.
•Strong knowledge of apparel operations, particularly in raw materials management.
•Strong technical knowledge of fabric constructions and characteristics.
•Ability to proactively communicate on an ongoing basis with cross-functional teams
•Fluent in English (written and spoken)
•Advanced computer skills including the MS Office suite and the ability to quickly learn and use internal systems/software.
•Ability to travel, domestic or international, as required. 

Requisite Education and Experience / Minimum Qualifications: 
•Four year college or university degree with emphasis in apparel or textiles preferred.
•At least 6 years of related work experience in the textile or garment industry
•Prior textile testing experience and or knowledge preferred.


7. Manager Quality - Footwear

What You Will Do

•Supports Director Quality FW (LO) and Senior Manager Quality QIP (LO) in driving the implementation of Global Footwear Quality vision, strategy and systems in the respective country.
•Conducts quality system audits and random finished goods inspection / Beautiful Product audits at T1 suppliers.
•Supports Senior Manager Quality (QIP) in ensuring that adidas Quality systems (e.g. QIP & BA) are implemented and maintained at highest standard within the respective LO supplier base.

Key Responsibilities:
•Conducts modular/full QIP audits at all T1s and rates the T1 QIP set up, implementation and performance status in collaboration with Senior Manager Quality (QIP) and/or the Director Quality.
•Drives implementation of QIP systems at new T1 facilities.
•Conducts random finished goods inspection and Beautiful Audits at T1 factories.
•Conducts QIP and BA trainings based on identified needs of T1 QIP/BA final inspectors as well as 3rd Party AQL inspectors.
•Certifies AQL, FINAL, BA and 3rd party inspectors together with Senior Manager Quality
•Supports Senior Manager Quality at new roll-outs related to CTNQ at LO, T1 & T2.
•Supports T1s in driving standardized problem solving/root cause analysis and follows up on implementing sustainable solutions
•Supports Senior Manager Quality in facilitating cross-functional events (e.g. T1 cross-visits; combined Workshops with T1, LO Prod & Dev.) to identify short-, mid- and long-term Quality improvement opportunities.

Key Relationships: 
•Operation Centers / Production Teams
•LO Footwear Quality Team
•LO Material and Chemical Team
•HQ Footwear Quality Team
•T1 suppliers
•External: 3rd party testing institutes
•ME (Manufacturing Excellence) Team

What You Are Good At

Knowledge Skills and Abilities:
•Advanced knowledge of shoe making and Footwear manufacturing
•Strong influencing and negotiation skills
•Management skills
•Strong interpersonal and communication skills to be able to interact with different levels of business
•Advanced MS office skills
•Fluent in English (written and spoken)

Requisite Education and Experience / Minimum Qualifications: 
•Bachelor’s degree and / or at least 3-5 years of relevant business experience.
•Degree in Quality Management and / or extensive manufacturing experience.


8. Manager Laboratory - Footwear

What You Will Do

•Supports Director Quality FW in driving the implementation of Global Footwear Quality vision, strategy and systems in the respective country.
•Manages the Laboratory team and ensures that adidas Quality systems are implemented and maintained at highest standard within the respective LO supplier base.
•Conducts/manages quality system audits and ensures that developed products are fully evaluated and commercialized without compromising the integrity of the developed prototype.

Key Responsibilities: 

•Leads and manages the Laboratory team
•Create a reliable and strategic working relationship with the Factory General Management and build up a pro-active and strong lab team in each T1 location.
•Ensures aligned implementation und understanding of existing and new policies, procedures, standards, requirements and audit structures in all T2 Laboratories.
•Proactive follow up/monitoring of any country specific standards (e.g. CPSIA, CMA, KC Mark) in the interest of the adidas Group to ensure proper and timely evaluation and implementation.
•Lead the implementation, execution and monitoring of all A-01 related items.
•Act as key LO contact person for 3rd Party Labs and T2s on lab related topics (e.g. Lab audits, TLSP audits, etc.)
•Lead and/or conduct T1 Lab audits.
•On a global level communicate with the respective Lab Managers in their country to ensure consistency and accuracy within the organization.
•Be key contact for LO Product Creation teams in terms of specific material/product releases as well as providing technical support for new technologies, materials & constructions by actively working on standards and requirements for this.
•Manage in collaboration with Director Quality the roll-out and proper implementation of new Lab machinery.
•Facilitates cross-functional events (e.g. T1 cross-visits; combined Workshops with T1, LO Prod & Dev etc.) to identify short-, mid- and long-term Quality improvement opportunities.

Key Relationships: 

•LO Footwear Quality Team
•HQ Footwear Quality Team
•T1 suppliers
•Operation Centers (OC’s) Dev./Com.
•LO Material and Chemical Team
•T2 Material and component suppliers
•3rd party Lab’s


9. Staff Engineer Process Engineering – VN Operations

What You Will Do

This position will work for TAYLORMADE golf brand (No.1 golf brand in the world).

* Position Summary:
The Staff Engineer Process Engineering will be responsible for manufacturing/industrialization activities for golf head components. The engineer’s primary role will be to work with our Vietnam Manufacturing Operations to execute the manufacturing of new products to a high level of success. 

* Essential Functions and Key Responsibilities:
1. Act as a liaison between engineering teams in US, VN and our VN vendors 
2. Perform design feasibility evaluations to ensure seamless transition of golf components into high volume manufacturing
3. Coordination of all tooling/samples/FAI through manufacturing and testing
4. Develop/approve manufacturing instructions using manufacturing engineering practices
5. Execute daily production line auditing including yield analysis and continuous improvement activities
6. Perform product, process and fixture qualifications
7. Perform statistical analysis for cost reduction, quality improvement and improved efficiency
8. Recommend and implement improvements to production processes, methods and controls.
9. Perform outgoing product inspection verification and inspector training both for internal and external teams
10. Provide production support for component and component assembly 

* Performs other related duties and assignments as required.

What You Are Good At

* Education, Training, Professional Certification and Work Experience:
B.S. in Mechanical, Manufacturing or Industrial Engineering
4+ years experience working in a manufacturing/engineering environment
Completion of Lean Manufacturing training + minimum 2 years working directly on processes using Lean principles
Experience working on individual and team projects with successful results

* Knowledge and Skills Requirements:
Must be familiar with a variety of manufacturing processes
Strong communication and interpersonal skills to enable coordination of projects within departments and outside consultants.
Has demonstrated ability of initiative; able to work effectively in a team 
English proficiency 

The above Essential Duties & Responsibilities list includes those duties and responsibilities for which the position exists and which must be satisfactorily performed in order to be successful in the position. However the job description is not intended to be an all inclusive listing of work requirements.


10. Assistant Manager Development & Commercialization Footwear

What You Will Do

Purpose & Overall Relevance for the Organisation:
•Fully accountable for development, commercialization, product integrity, manufacturability, Create To Value (CTV), performance to target FOB of a selection of products within a category. 

Key Responsibilities: 
•Support the Category Team Leader (CTL) or Development & Commercialization Manager (DCM) in managing the development and commercialization process of assigned products in collaboration with Tier 1 factory personnel and technical teams. Provides specific technical expertise to ensure effective transition of footwear design into samples and production while ensuring the manufacturability, material selection, material standards, development timeline and cost to target are met.
•Support the CTL or DCM in a continuous upgrade of technical applications and processes and implementation of new technology in development and engineering.
•Operationally, account for development/commercialization area with predefined scope of responsibilities.
•Guide and collaborate with factory direct developer and contribute considerably to the achievement of team objectives.
•Explain product requirements and standards to factory and/or LO teams to achieve shared goals.
•Influence HQ (Design, Marketing, Brand Operations, Quality) and external parties (Factory Development & Commercialization & Production) and drive change using principle centered vs policy driven with adi Dassler Standards as the center of focus in managing/ solving conflicts.
•Make day to day decisions within defined scope (with support on complex issues)
•Execute defined directives. 

Key Relationships: 
•HQ Product Teams (Design, Marketing, Brand Operations, PCT.)
•Factory Development teams.
•Tier 2 material suppliers
•Other GOPS/Sourcing functions –costing, Material, Planning, Product Testing, Quality/Lab

What You Are Good At

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
•Have development and engineering knowledge and expertise and can provide input into projects.
•Have a strong engineering and creative mindset. 
•With minimal input and feedback, can identify problems and provide solutions to complex development/commercialization issues.
•Can manage direct reports with support from line manager.
•Good written and verbal English communication.
•German, Chinese, Indonesia or Vietnamese language knowledge an advantage.

Requisite Education and Qualifications: 
•University degree preferably on shoe making or engineering
•3-5+ years production, development or related experience in Footwear industry.
•Passion and interest in athletic competition, sports or fitness related activities
•Production, Product Testing or dev./comm. or costing background
•Good knowledge of shoes manufacturing process.
•Some experience in pattern engineering, mold making, grading, materials processing etc.
•Ability to read shell patterns, 2D and 3D blueprints, spec sheets, cost breakdowns, etc.
•Good understanding of costing principles and process; ability to decipher cost breakdown related to products.


11. Temporary Manager Social & Environmental Affairs - Advisory

What You Will Do

Purpose & Overall Relevance for the Organisation:
•This position is mainly to monitor and assist adidas Group Suppliers’ factories in implementing adidas Group Workplace Standards

Key Responsibilities: 
•Support the Senior Manager in their execution of WORKPLACE STANDARDS policies, projects and work programmes
•Identify the areas of risk to adidas Group in respect of working conditions and standards. Provide to the Area Manager recommendations in respect of those risks, based on legal obligations and WORKPLACE STANDARDS requirements
•Engage the adidas Group production staff and factory management in the designated country or countries in order to integrate WORKPLACE STANDARDS requirements into the larger business practices of adidas Group
•Develop and provide regular WORKPLACE STANDARDS training to adidas Group LO staff and factories within designated country or countries.
•Support audit (in case of necessary) and develop WORKPLACE STANDARDS action plans for suppliers, to ensure compliance with the WORKPLACE STANDARDS. Similarly, supervise the independent monitoring process in partner factories within designated country.
•Assist factory remediation by advising on options, negotiating timeframes, sharing experiences and best practices and helping management locate the necessary expertise, materials, etc.
•Provide regular updates to the Senior Manager, the relevant Country Manager(s) and LO staff, on the status of partner factories and other suppliers, and WORKPLACE STANDARDS Team activities.
•Ensure all relevant LO staff and department heads are fully briefed in the WORKPLACE STANDARDS principles and methods of implementation.
•Regarding communication, convey any problems and issues to all concerned parties immediately. Provide monthly reports to the Senior Manager by the established reporting date.
•Communicate news, issues and initiatives which originate in the LO to the Senior Manager promptly and clearly.
•Keep updated on all labour and HSE legislation within the designated country or countries and report any updates to the Senior Manager and Discipline Heads. Review any updates with senior factory management and other WORKPLACE STANDARDS team members.
•Establish contacts and actively engage in dialogue with local NGOs, Government bodies and professional institutions, to further the goals and transparency of the WORKPLACE STANDARDS programme.
•Act as a mentor for other Managers and AM grade staff, and assist in their training.

Key Relationships: 
•Adidas Group suppliers’ management
•Adidas Group suppliers’ workers/trade unions
•Local and international NGO
•Consultants for assisting SEA in providing assistances and capacity building for adidas Group suppliers’ factories.

What You Are Good At

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: 
•Approachability - is easy to approach and talk to; spends the extra effort to put others at ease; can be warm, pleasant and gracious; is sensitive to and patient with the interpersonal anxieties of others; builds rapport well; is a good listener; is an early knower, getting informal and incomplete information in time to do something about it.
•Functional / technical skills - Has the functional and technical knowledge and skills to do the job at a high level of accomplishment.
•Integrity and trust - is widely trusted; is seen as a direct, truthful individual; can present the unvarnished truth in an appropriate and helpful manner; keeps confidences; admits mistakes; doesn’t misrepresent him/herself for personal gain.
•Priority setting - spends his/her time and the time of others on what’s important; quickly zeros in on the critical few and puts the trivial many aside; can quickly sense what will help or hinder accomplishing a goal; eliminates roadblocks; creates focus.
•Negotiating - The ability to skilfully negotiate in tough situations with both internal and external groups. Can win concessions without damaging relationships, can be both direct and forceful as well as diplomatic. 

Requisite Education and Qualifications: 
•Bachelor degree in relevant subjects
•3-year experience in Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR)/Compliance area


12. Specialist IT Service Management

What You Will Do

Purpose/Key Responsibilities: 
•Ensures stable IT operations within LO/OC in the framework of the GIT policies
•Provides application support and consultancy to LO Business for business process automation and productivity improvement 

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

•Performs hardware and software installation in line with GIT directions
•Maintains stable daily operation of LO/OC IT infrastructure
•Ensures a virus free environment
•Analyses and resolves first line problems
•Complies with GIT policies and processes
•Prepares and updates IT documentation
•Acts as a backup resource for other IT team members within the LO IT regional team as required
•Provides local/global application support 

User Support:
•Jointly works with business users and management to define IT requirements for business requests
•Evaluates new hardware/software for system performance enhancement
•Performs/organizes user training on various applications and software packages whenever required
•Supports adidas users, visitors, … etc in LO/OC
•Provides global application support to factory users and factory IT 

•Assists to keep track of IT asset and maintain asset list
•Assists to ensure all IT assets are covered by proper maintenance agreements
•Assist to prepare and manage IT CAPEX, OPEX, vendor

What You Are Good At

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
•Solid knowledge on LAN, WAN, Microsoft File and Print, Messaging and Active Directory, Windows & MAC OS
•Experience on application development ( Excel Macros/Web/mobile application ) and end user support
•Experience in working for multi-national companies and Sourcing business units 

Requisite Education and Experience / Minimum Qualifications: 

•Degree from educational institutions focusing on Information Technology / computer-related subjects
•Minimum 5 years of experience working in the Information Technology field
Hạn cuối: 30/11/2016

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