Tổ Chức Lao Động Quốc Tế ILO Tuyển Dụng Nhiều Vị Trí 2016

Chia sẻ

1. Programme Manager


To achieve the goal of decent work for all in Viet Nam, the ILO Country Office supports the Vietnam Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP) with three priority areas: Labour Market Governance; Social Protection; and Employment and Sustainable Enterprise Development. 

In the implementation of the DWCP, the ILO Office works in close partnership with the Government of Viet Nam, in particular its technical line ministry, the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) and its social partners, the employers' and workers' organizations.

The Vietnam DWCP is an integral part of the One UN Plan.The technical cooperation programme "Creating and Activating New Industrial Relations Framework in Respect of the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work" (hereafter NIRF Project) aims at assisting Viet Nam to reform, build and improve legal and institutional framework of industrial relations in respect of the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work in the context of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) and EU-Viet Nam Free Trade Agreement. The programme is composed of multiple project components, supported by different donors (US, Japan, EU and Canada), which will be managed in a highly coordinated manner under a single management structure. The programme is expected to run for 36 months, starting from 1st January 2017. 

In partnership with the Ministry of Labour, Invalid and Social Affairs (MOLISA), the NIRF programme will engage with a wide range of government agencies, social partners and major stakeholders in its implementation. The programme's overall development objective is "to contribute to sustainable and inclusive growth by building effective industrial relations institutions and practices based on freedom of association and effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining".

The programme takes multi-pronged strategies to achieving the objective by combining following approaches:

- Assisting the government in creating enabling legal environment through labour code revision, with particular focus on freedom of association and right to bargain collectively

- Assisting the government in creating and building new units within the government in charge of managing NIRF, including registration of new workers' organizations

- Assisting the government in strengthening labour inspection for effective law enforcement- Facilitating reform of unions and promotion of bi-partite voluntary collective bargaining

- Supporting employers' and business community in bringing innovation to workplace labour relations and in improving compliance with laws and regulations under NIRF

- Creating awareness among citizens and workers about new rights created by NIRF and supporting labour research community for their contribution to NIRF.

The incumbent will work under the supervision of the ILO Country Director in Viet Nam and the technical guidance of the sub-regional Industrial Relations Specialist in DWT/CO-Bangkok. Technical guidance will specifically be sought on project deliverables, reporting, linkages with the work of other regional specialists and external partners, knowledge sharing, donor and host country relations.

The Programme Manager will also receive technical support from INWORK in ILO headquarters, and additional expertise will be sought from other departments, including Labour Law and Reform Unit (LABOURLAW), Inclusive Labour Market, Labour Relations and Working Conditions Branch (INWORK), Labour Administration, Labour Inspection and Occupational Safety and Health Branch (LABADMIN/OSH), Better Work, ILO's Bureau for Workers' Activities (ACTRAV), ILO's Bureau for Employers' Activities (ACTEMP), etc.

Description of Duties

General duties:

- Lead, coordinate and supervise the implementation of the NIRF programme in close collaboration with MOLISA, VCCI, VGCL and other major stakeholders in Viet Nam.

- Conduct training seminars, workshops and meetings on all project invention areas (baseline surveys, research, policy advices, advocacy, awareness raising); develop/adapt training guides, manuals and other knowledge-sharing materials to local context.

- Strengthen relationship to cooperate and coordinate with the concerned governments, ministries and the employers' and workers' organizations, non-governmental organizations, the target groups and the donors at central and decentralized levels, in the planning and implementation of activities under the project and engage in building alliance for NIRF and compliance.

- Ensure the development of monitoring and evaluation and project information systems covering ILO technical activities covered by the project, prepare periodic and ad hoc reports on the status of programme planning and implementation, and establish coordination with concerned ILO departments and programmes.

- Identify training needs and organize training workshops and meetings for the tripartite partners, NGOs, other agencies, target groups and staff as appropriate to reinforce the professional capabilities.

- Organize meetings and seminars, and develop knowledge sharing tools designed to forge partnerships, share good practices and foster sub-regional networks of government policymakers, workers' and employers' organizations and civil society organizations to reach the project's goals.

- Ensure project synergy with the different ILO projects and programmes implemented in Viet Nam and within the sub-region as appropriate.

- Liaise with the other UN agencies counterparts to promote ILO's values, increase visibility and facilitate the scaling-up of the project's interventions. Ensure a more effective coordination with a range of relevant national policies and the strategies of various ILO projects, including those being undertaken by other agencies and donors or in complementary fields of activity.

- Any other relevant project-related duties requested by the ILO Country Director.

Technical duties:

- Provide technical advice, including development of new regulations and policies, to tripartite partners and other stakeholders in designing, building and operating NIRF in full consideration of national contexts as well as related international labour standards.

- Assist the government, National Assembly and social partners in making a progress for ratification of ILO core Conventions (C. 87, 98 and 105), and improving implementation of the ratified core Conventions.

- Build organizational capacity of industrial relations units and labour inspection system at central and decentralized level in managing NIRF and in enforcing labour laws and regulations.-

Provide technical advice and capacity building support for workers' organizations in developing and carrying out their work for bottom-up organizing and collective bargaining, including organizational reform of the trade unions.

- Provide technical advice and capacity building support for VCCI and business associations in developing and carrying out their mandates on industrial relations at national, provincial and sectoral level, including improving compliance with new laws and regulations.

- Assist and facilitate transfer and dissemination of comparative knowledge on industrial relations, through building and expanding network of industrial relations and labour researchersManagerial duties:

- A number of staff report to the CTA as their immediate supervisor, including a Labour Law Specialist, Labour Administration Officer, Collective Bargaining Officer, CSR and Compliance Officer, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Programme Assistants and Finance Assistants.

- Effectively manage human and financial resources for the project, including recruitment, staff development, performance management of the project personnel, and financial oversight and reporting.

Required Qualifications


Advanced university degree in industrial relations, labour law, labour economics, management, social science or related field with demonstrated expertise.


At least ten years of progressively responsible experience in the above fields of which at least five years at the international level carrying out project management, supervision, administration and implementation of technical assistance projects. Having working experience in ASEAN countries, China and Viet Nam is an advantage.


Excellent command of English.


- Strong commitment to personal professional integrity;

- Proven capacity to develop, manage and deepen inter-personal relations and trust with a full sensitivity to diversity and local contexts;

- Proven capacity to Communicates in a clear and effective manner, adapting language, tone and style to match the audience; ensures messages are understood; is attentive to others, and encourages open, two-way communication;

- Proven capacity to initiate and implement technical co-operation programmes and activities with ILO constituents and NGOs, including negotiation skill with governments, social partners, industry associations, and mobilizing the support of international donor agencies;

- Ability to research and interpret various guidelines and policies for application to address difficult administrative related issues;

- Decision making and problem solving skills;

- Excellent drafting skills, negotiation skills, and organisational and management skills.

- Demonstrated ability to effectively monitor work programme and resources.- Ability to work under time and political pressure and meet deadlines

- Ability to work independently with a minimum of supervision. 


Deadline: 12 September 2016 

2. Enterprise Advisor


This position involves providing professional level enterprise assessment and advisory services, including conducting independent enterprise assessments against labour standards and provisioning enterprise level consultancy services to support remediation and enterprise improvement. The work of enterprise advisors has an impact on enterprise performance and access to markets.

 Supervision and Guidance

The Better Work Vietnam Enterprise Advisor reports to Better Work Vietnam Enterprise Advisor Team Leaders. Guidance and advice on technical or procedural aspects of the work are received as required. Judgement, initiative and creativity are required in translating project tools and approaches at the enterprise level. The work product is controlled by the supervisor for technical soundness and appropriateness. 


1. Independently conduct enterprise assessment of labour standards and management systems at the enterprise level;

2. Independently produce high standard reports in English on (i) assessments findings, (ii) recommendations for improvement, (iii) enterprise improvement plans and (iv) progress reports on implementation;

3. Review the reports of other advisors as part of the peer review Better Work quality assurance system;

4. Provide high quality enterprise level consultancy services designed to improve enterprise performance including coaching, facilitating management and union improvement committees, providing technical advice and conducting classroom based training;

5. Select and adapt and contextualise Better Work products for use at the individual enterprise level based on needs;

6. Provide technical advice and input into the development of Better Work research, products and strategies;

7. Have a good understanding of a range of remediation training and capacity building initiatives including classroom-based training activities for improvement purposes;

8. Actively contribute to the project’s monitoring and evaluation strategy, research agenda and knowledge management strategy;

9. Contribute to the financial sustainability strategy of the project including encouraging the participation of enterprises in project activities, a strong outcome focus, and effective time management of consultancy services;

10. Supervise project support staff as required; and

11. Other duties as required by the supervisor.


University degree in economics, human resource management, adult education, international development, law or other relevant fields, or equivalent in experience


Deadline: 10 September 2016

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