Food Empire Tuyển Dụng Management Trainee - Personal Asisstant 2017 (HCM)

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Food Empire là một công ty đa quốc gia chuyên về đồ ăn và đồ uống (Food/Beverage) đang có nhu cầu tuyển dụng


Job Description:

This position is responsible for assisting Country Manager on daily interpretation, working schedule and activities and support sales admin on sales report.

-       Interpretation for Country Manager in both internal and external meetings/interaction

-       Daily on-field travel with Country Manager for marketing visiting and checking.

-       Manage the day-to-day activities of the Manager, including correspondence, document filing, travel arrangements and other general secretarial duties.

-       Maintain Country Manager's business and personal calendar, schedule meetings and attend meetings.

-       Written translation for required documents/letters/materials

-       Support sales admin to prepare and complete daily written reports.

-       Assist with other general administrative duties as required.


-       Fluent in English

-       Smart, aggressive and flexibility

-       Earnest, hard working

-       Attention to details; Result oriented

-       Innovation, open-minded and business-oriented

-       Very good computer skill

-       Good interpersonal skill, problem solving skill, persuading, influencing and project management skill.

-       Prefer female, fresh graduated from FTU, EUH, love sales/marketing in FMCG field.

If you are interesting in this post, please do not hesitated to send me your updated CV via email: or contact me at 0938 308 550 (if you couldn't reach me on phone, please text me).  


GX Mainboard-listed Food Empire Holdings (Food Empire) is a global branding and manufacturing company in the food and beverage sector. Its products include instant beverage products, frozen convenience food, confectionery and snack food.

Food Empire’s products are sold to over 50 countries, in markets such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Central Asia, China, Indochina, the Middle East, Mongolia and the US. The Group has 24 offices (representative and liaison) worldwide. The Group operates nine manufacturing facilities in India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Russia, Ukraine and Vietnam.

Food Empire’s products include a wide variety of beverages, such as regular and flavoured coffee mixes and cappuccinos, chocolate drinks and flavoured fruit teas. It also markets instant breakfast cereal, potato crisps and assorted frozen convenience foods.

Hạn cuối: 13/03/2017

[QC] Đăng tin tuyển dụng, tìm việc làm nhanh, uy tín tại trang Việc Làm Báo Lao Động.

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